Goings on – week of Oct 25 2012

We’ve finally hit Halloween season which means Value Village is slightly less scary and many flirtatious females are putting the finishing touches on their sexy dialysis nurse costumes. You better buy a 24-pack of toilet paper for your mummy costume however as there’s a full week of dress-up dance parties and other events awaiting.

The first show I’m going to mention is not exactly a Halloween show but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a white sheet or something made of tinfoil for the sexed-up synth-heavy swoon pop of Edmonton’s Renny Wilson . He’ll hit the National Music Centre on Friday October 26 alongside Lab Coast (debuting their new lineup which now features some girl named Samantha Savage Smith) Ryan Bourne and Barnaby Bennett . No tricks all treats.

Then again if you don’t feel comfortable dressing like a cleavaged-out Ninja Turtle for a non-Halloween show there’s always the DFA Records Halloween party happening that same night at the HiFi Club where Irish label mainstay Shit Robot will bring the party jams. Also with a name like that just think of all the fecal fun you can have in your costume planning.

You may as well spend the night on a bench downtown because Saturday October 27 will offer an equally awesome event at the HiFi with an appearance from none other than Men Without Hats . Alongside dapper DJ Teddy Celebration the recently reformed dance pop act will guarantee great times. Plus you can go as a man without a hat or one of those awesome medieval hobbit dudes from the video for “The Safety Dance.”

Or you could dress up as Liam Gallagher just to piss off Noel and his High Flying Birds when they open for Snow Patrol at the Stampede Corral on Sunday October 28. Canadians who pay close attention to NME for some reason: this show’s for you.

It’d feel like Halloween any time of the year with a double bill from dark blog-house leftovers Crystal Castles and L.A. electro-goth experimenters Health but it’s special timing that they’ll hit Mac Hall on Sunday October 28. Add an extra layer of black eyeliner and party down.

Then the actual night will hit us on Wednesday October 31 (duh). Unless you wanna sit around at home with a sad bowl of candy corn and watch the same edited-for-TV horror movies that you see every year (sounds kinda fun actually) there are a handful of happenings worth a damn.

Over at Mount Royal University’s Wyckham House local heroes the Smalltown DJs will host a Haunted House party as part of their cross-Canada Good People tour with Toronto’s Grandtheft . This one’s going to be a rager.

For the rockers out there you may want to check out The Palomino’s fourth annual Palloween covers show which’ll include a Turbonegro tribute and a Ween tribute.

Can’t decide between clean-cut DJ sets or raging rock music? Commonwealth will make it so you don’t have to with their Fresh vs. Hesh party. DJ Pump and Ivan Rankic will be trading off classic hip-hop tracks with metal bangers so all you have to do is pick a side and dress the part.