James Ferraro – Sushi

Hippos in Tanks

The latest from musical prankster James Ferraro is a big departure from the zany Windows 95 haze of his last solo outing Far Side Virtual . This album still retains a lot of the goofy tones that sound like old PC start-ups but straight-up beats are thrown in for good measure. Ferraro isn’t getting serious it just seems like the album is less conceptual and more focused on a certain structure.

“Flamboyant” starts off with a high vocal sample reminiscent of Alvin and the Chipmunks . After that bubbly beats and the most bizarre classic synth tones unfold into something that sounds like a clown rave. Cake that makeup on and jump right into that polka-dotted onesie. Balloon animals are going to be bursting throughout the night.

“Lovesick” manages to create what sounds like a legitimate rap beat out of a squeaky toy sound a xylophone sample various vocal samples and a repetitive cheesy piano line. It’s incredible what Ferraro uses to create a great beat. The whole thing is pretty bizarre but playful and fun. Here’s hoping Ferraro continues to mould and shape these sounds into something new and interesting. It’s about time we had a great goofball making clownish beats.