Goings On – Week of Nov 22, 2012

It’s almost that time of year where the city becomes a wintry hell all slicked-over roads and piles upon piles of snow. You’re probably going to be tempted to hunker down with some sweatpants eggnog and episodes of Homeland so you should go out while you still can. After all $7 domestic beers aren’t going to buy themselves.

Maybe you want some vaguely hardcore-sounding hard rock from the U.K. that also has Alexisonfire vibes? If you do I applaud your penchant for hyper-specificity. Also you should go to Gallows at Republik on Thursday November 22. The band will be performing with Ontario metalcore mavens Barnburner who are a big hit in Calgary’s self-proclaimed “dirtbag” circles. Try not to get your beards in a knot! We’d hate to see a human rat king break out.

If you want something a little more folkie Edmonton’s Wool on Wolves will hit up the Palomino on Thursday November 22 where they’ll perform alongside Great Bloomers and Mallard . It’s probably the least rowdy way you could spend the night.

Scratch that actually — the tamest event in Calgary is happening at the Jack Singer on Thursday November 22. Here’s the recipe for pure yuppie comfort: take the feel-good pseudo-spirituality of U2 ’s grocery store anthems add the Calgary Symphonic Orchestra and you’ve got a night on the town for people who haven’t yet heard of Coldplay. Then again if the conductor is wearing spy sunglasses proselytizing some vague ideas about saving the world and secretly hoarding millions in a tax shelter it might be worth a watch.

Sure a byelection is on the way but on Friday November 23 and Saturday November 24 you should probably do your other civic duty and check out the album release show for beloved Calgary act Dojo Workhorse who will play Broken City with Clinton St. John and Forest Tate .

Then again you could go to a magical little place in Inglewood where it’s folk fest year-round. I’m talking of course about the long-running Calgary institution’s new home at Festival Hall. How much are they bringing the July vibes? They’ve even brought back sultry singer Cold Specks who performed at this year’s festival. Sure this show will be indoors but you may as well bring your giant blue sheet. After all tarpies are forever.

If you want to keep reliving the recent past you can pretend it’s last month’s Ladyhawk show all over again with the return of Baby Eagle on November 24 at Weeds. The project of former Constantines member Steve Lambke Baby Eagle will be joined by Kevin Stebner’s gravel-throated country group Cold Water and Forest Tate who will be joined by Fist City guitarist Evan Van Reekum.