Dean Blunt – The Narcissist II


Dean Blunt has released some pretty hazy/lazy sounds with Inga Copeland under their own names and under the Hype Williams moniker. The latest release has a lot of the same tripped out sloppy pop tunes. At points it sounds like amateur primitive recording and musicianship but still manages to make the listener lose themselves in the thick hazy goo of keyboards guitars and gutter drums. Blunt’s falsetto belting out in the background sounds fairly similar on most tracks but it is charming nonetheless. His repetitive lyrics and grooves on “GALICE” stir a hypnotic feeling at least until a recording of some guy banging on the door and yelling at his girlfriend interrupt the flow. It’s pretty bizarre but knowing his past projects it is to be expected.

“DIRECT LINE 2” is a slow-as-molasses sex jam featuring samples of a phone ringing and a woman talking about something that is not fit for me to print. It’s all about caressing and keeping the flow slow. Call up your significant other and undress then caress.

It’s a whole trough of sloppy grooves poppy slime and bizarro samples. It goes into a groove only to be interrupted by something more abrasive. It’s a great release if you’re looking to get on the bonkers train.