Goings On – week of Jan 10 2013

If you are one of the people who takes style tips from Jian Ghomeshi’s infinity scarves bought Jian Ghomeshi’s book before it was discounted or are actually Jian Ghomeshi you’re undoubtedly excited by an evening with Blue Rodeo hitting the Jubilee on Thursday January 10 and Friday January 11. Wear your most special cologne.

Another option for Thursday night? The return of Vancouver guitar-slinger and former Black Wizard skid Johnny de Courcy who will bring his solo project with The Death Rangers for the first time. Joining him at Broken City will be local impresarios Extra Happy Ghost!!! and Lab Coast .

Johnny de Courcy and The Death Rangers will keep the good vibes flowing when they play a stacked bill at the National Music Centre on Friday January 11. Along with locals Seahorse The Diet and Barnaby Bennett the show will be headlined by Cindy Lee which is perhaps the most experimental work yet from former Women frontman Pat Flegel.

Of course if you’re the kind of person who uses “rock ’n’ roll” as an adjective more than a noun you’ll want something a little more rockin’ come Friday night. The Suppliers have got you covered with their self-described mix of Blondie and Motörhead. They’ll hit Broken City with All Hands on Jane (whose Bandcamp describes them as “alternative grunge blues”) and something called Sam Haslam Death Metal which if there is any justice in the world is a one-man death metal band. I wanna see a dude with a kickdrum on his back belting out some Morbid Angel.

Softies in freshly pressed Oxford shirts might break a sweat for once when their freshly showered leaders Passion Pit bring a cleanly groomed DJ set to The Gateway on Saturday January 12. If you’re strategic about your facial stubble and enjoy gentle swaying to Starbucks-ready dance music this is the night for you.

Maybe you only care about the Canadian pop music of yesteryear however. If that’s the case you’re faced with a tough choice. You can either head to the Jubilee and check out Nelly Furtado ’s post-“Promiscuous Girl” return to pop music for the grocery store or 54-40 — whose band name now reads like their age demographic — at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino.

If that all sounds like a living hell to you Saturday night offers one more impressive option with the return of local thrash metal monsters Crystal Mess who will shred the stage of The Palomino with tracks from their epically titled LP Unholy Neckbreaker . They even have a song called “The World’s a Fucking Write Off.” Nailed it dudes.

Then on Tuesday January 15 the city’s cleanest cut hardcore kids will get mega emotional with the first appearance from so-hot-right-now post-hardcore kids Title Fight . The band who have added spoonfuls of lukewarm indie rock to their Lifetime stew will play the Orpheus Theatre with Living With Lions . They’ll probably have a Hot Topic-sized merch table in the back too.