Goings on – week of Jan 17 2013

Though I can’t quite pin down its sound the knowledge I have of a subgenre called “groove metal” is enough to get me dry heaving. After all everyone knows the best metal comes from cannibalizing crazies and/or tight pantsed heshers. The thought of some dude in a shell necklace vibing out with a wah pedal does not represent my idea of an ideal metal concert.

For many of you it does. That’s why you’ll be lining up around the corner for yet another headlining appearance from French groove metal masters Gojira who will play MacEwan Ballroom on Thursday January 17 alongside The Atlas Moth and the Devin Townsend Project (a.k.a. the Patron Saint of Guitar Lessons).

For a different kind of guitar rock altogether you could go to Broken City on Friday January 18 and check out the pun-loving Thin Lizzy-aping joke rock of Napalmpom who are saying farewell to their actual comedian of a singer Ian Thomas Day. They’ll be joined by Nerd X Shematomas and Hidden Towers .

When I think of Kingston Ont. I think of the small but inspired collection of artists that put on DIY shows release limited cassettes and start bands like False Face PS I Love You and Try Harder. None of those bands sound anything like their fellow city-mates in The Mahones however. The Celtic punk band formed in Kingston on St. Patrick’s Day in 1990 and have probably made an obscenely large profit on every St. Patrick’s Day since then. They’ll hit The Gateway on Friday January 18. Kiss the blarney stone or whatever.

Then on Saturday January 19 bargain bin Feist impersonator Hannah Georgas will aurally waterboard concertgoers with a headlining slot at Republik. Do you think I’m being unnecessarily cruel? Look up Georgas’ song “Bang Bang You’re Dead.” Sometimes I really wish I was.

If you straight up can’t deal with going out and listening to rock music anymore I don’t blame you. A good palate-cleanser would be pianist Anton Kuerti who will offer his interpretations of Beethoven at the Jack Singer on Saturday January 19. Kick back turn off your brain and feel sophisticated for once.

A solid followup to some classical music would be an appearance from Sanctums who will make a rare live appearance at the HiFi Club on Saturday January 19. Appearing in support of Vancouver duo Evy Jane the ambient-leaning electronic locals will undoubtedly play cuts from their 2012 masterpiece Truth Lifting Up Its Head Against Scandals . Without playing favourites this is my favourite option for the week.