Goings on – week of Feb 14 2013

While normies and douchebags see Valentine’s Day as some weird hybrid of guaranteed romance and unlimited BJs the fact is it’s mostly a waste of time. If you’re in a happy relationship with someone you don’t need to drop $7 on a greeting card and battle the rest of the city for dinner reservations. Just do the dishes for once dick and buy some heart-shaped chocolates once they’ve gone on sale the next day. Pretty simple stuff you dummies.

That said there is a surprisingly decent amount of fun stuff going on for Valentine’s Day this year and while I can’t guarantee it’ll end with some back-seat action you might enjoy some decent music. If you want to keep things laid-back the best idea would be to hit up Tubby Dog on Thursday February 14 for The Teenage Diaries . CJSW dreamboat Chad Saunders will be teaming up with Matt Sanders and the Romance Ensemble to deliver all the teen issues and heartbreak that your fragile emotions can handle. Then of course you can eat your feelings by cramming a wiener into your mouth. Or you know a hot dog.

Want to demonstrate your burning love without burning a hole through your wallet? There’s also an affordable evening planned at Broken City where you can enjoy a spaghetti and meatball dinner with your lady you tramps. It’s not just for couples however as the evening also has a bachelor/bachelorette auction as well as performances from Reuben & the Dark and The Mountaineer plus a DJ set from Christopher Lloyd Hayden of Florence and the Machine . And it’s only $25.

But what about when Valentine’s Day is over and you can stop holding in your gut and hiding your farts? Well there’s plenty going on deep into the weekend. On Friday February 15 local hockey-themed punk group The Hockey Fight will headline a show at Broken City.

That night also marks Lace Shaw’s last time drumming for The Shematomas before she moves to Toronto. She’ll be sent off proper with a stacked bill at The Palomino. In addition to her band the show will include appearances from the city’s prettiest and gruffest punks in The Mandates and Sabertooth respectively.

Speaking of the city’s punks the afternoon of Sunday February 17 will feature a stacked wildly diverse bill at Broken City. A fundraiser for this April’s Garbage Daze hardcore punk festival which will feature groups from all over North America this weekend’s matinee fundraiser includes performances from The Chain Savage Streets Profits of Crime Putos Dweeb and Chlorinator . None of these bands sound anything like each other and I’m secretly wondering if there’ll be some sort of mods versus rockers (versus metalheads versus punks versus straight edge) showdown in the back alley. I guess it all depends on how their Valentine’s Day conquests turn out.