Atoms For Peace – AMOK

XL Recordings

Any time any member of Radiohead even mentions recording something it becomes huge news. It ends up on every imaginable music website and blog. When there were rumours of a “supergroup” with Thom Yorke Flea and Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich recording together after playing a show in Los Angeles in 2009 it instantly blew up on every blog and rock website and gave music writers the chance to speculate the shit out of what this group would be like. Now we have an answer — it’s like the last Thom Yorke record Eraser actually. It’s Yorke just singing a bunch of stuff over some beats. It was conceived over a three-day period of jamming out listening to some laptop tracks Yorke had recorded and playing live instrumental versions of them.

Yorke said he was most excited to make a record that was unclear regarding where the human starts and the machine ends and he’s right about that. Most would not know how much of this was done on a laptop and how much was live instrumentation. That’s fine but what’s the music like? Well it’s electronic music that kind of meanders on at a steady pace. It never gets too loud or too quiet. It would be the perfect thing to put on at a futuristic spa being waited on by a team of diligent robots. It’s a very safe sounding album. It seems like Yorke has found his niche in singing along to middle-of-the-road squiggly electronic beats. That’s not to say the album is awful. It’s nice enough background music and could also be used for a fashion show that is showcasing a line of pajamas.