Alberta reacts to Boonstock lineup announcement

With a growing reputation as northern Alberta’s answer to the Gathering of the Juggalos rock and EDM festival Boonstock has announced the lineup for its 2013 edition. Like last year’s remarkable curation this one’s a solid batch of late-’90s aggro-rock and contemporary EDM coming off like the soundtrack to a Rock Band game for the first PlayStation console.

The four-day fest which is sure to inspire a whole bunch of drinkin’ fuckin’ and rockin’ out in a field in Gibbons Alberta will run from June 27 to 30. The lineup includes your high school bullies’ favourite jock jams from the likes of Limp Bizkit Godsmack and Hollywood Undead alongside Gilmore Girls star Sebastian Bach and the frat reggae of Sublime with Rome. It’s also worth noting that Vancouver "party-funk orchestra" Five Alarm Funk will play not once not twice but thrice.

Over on the EDM side the fest is packed with performances from the likes of Benny Benassi Datsik Borgore Knife Party and many others. Ultimately this is the most contentious part of the bill as countless Albertans lament a lack of metal acts on the weekend’s docket.

Still many Albertans are excited for the weekend which we should add also includes camping out and undoubtedly sharing zombie survival tactics while slamming Monster energy drinks around a campfire that’s mostly burnt gas station porn and lighter fluid.

To get a cross-section of the mixed reaction from Boonstock patrons here’s a collection of our favourite comments on the festival’s Facebook page .

Troy sees EDM as a sign of the times:

Logan just wants to party regardless of who’s playing:

David feels the same way and is ready for a perpetual party:

Andrew has plans will travel:

Dylan is rather poetic in expressing his excitement:

Daniel just wants to hear some metal:

Chris has a bargain for you:

Jerry says don’t blame society let’s just rock:

Travis is excited to see godsmake:

Denes tells Sled Island to suck it:

Mike thinks that guy Limp Bizkit hasn’t been relevant for 10 years:

Shawn ponders what the band Stone Sour are doing that weekend:

Andy keeps his chin up:

Steven sees the beauty in it all:

Jesse makes plans with Sebastian:

Brandon laughs out loud with some wordplay:

Rod is undecided:

Philip recalls the dance parties of his youth:

Jesse predicts the future:

Krystie only wants to see Godsmack and even they’re average at best:

Wesley thinks Boonstock is where terrible music goes to die: