DJ Koze – Amygdala


On paper DJ Koze’s Amygdala sounds like an absolute mess. Not only does the record feature “moods intensities sounds and scenes yet unheard of” it uses a whopping 72 minutes to deliver what’s described as his very own Sgt. Pepper gathering the divergent talents of everyone from Caribou Ada and Matthew Dear to Milosh Apparat and German song legend Hildegard Knef. Yet on record it couldn’t make any more sense.

For Koze’s forever-in-the-works sophomore effort — his first proper album since 2005’s Kosi Comes Around — the German producer/remixer/Pampa label head has proved that good things come to those who wait. Amygdala is a stunning document of oddball techno weirdness that delivers both on a cerebral and a strictly pop level.

Undoubtedly the many guest stars help with most giving the record its voice like the cooing Caribou on “Track ID Anyone?” the infectiously morose Matthew Dear on “Magical Boy” and Ada who helps transform Kings of Convenience’s indie-folk classic “Homesick” into a tricked-out R&B slow jam. But it’s Koze’s endlessly imaginative production that holds it all together weaving slicked-out Kompakt-styled minimal techno with everything from post-dubstep atmospherics to quirky sample-driven mayhem to tongue-in-cheek soul and a lot in between.

It’s a wildly eclectic jumble of sounds to be sure but it’s one that holds your attention at all times. Add in some stellar album pacing and a well-thought-out arc and Amygdala gives you a lot to love never getting bogged down in that tired more-filler-than-killer material that makes up so many epic-length albums. In fact Amygdala may just be one of the finest electronic releases of 2013 thus far.