Deerhunter – Monomania


If Deerhunter have proven anything over their decade-plus career it’s that they like a good surprise. So it’s par for the course that Monomania is a bit of a shocker.

Following up 2010’s much-loved Halcyon Digest the Georgian art-rock dabblers have gone from making their most majestic and regal album to their most primal and unhinged presenting their best attempt at a roughed-up garage-rock record. The results are 12 songs that sound very much like live-off-the-floor one-takes offering little in the way of overdubs studio sheen or anything approaching indulgence.

Of course it still sounds like a Deerhunter record but a grimy one with the band employing a lo-fi mix of overdriven guitar lines minimal drum patterns the occasional keyboard and Bradford Cox’s vocals constantly filtered through a fuzz box.

As cliché as it is to say Monomania is a love it or hate it sort of record. Either you’ll be charmed by the band’s back-to-basics no-frills approach or take a pass on this one as you wait for the next 180 on the followup.