Let musicians trash your house and be rewarded with stories

Aside from a couple of warm leftover van beers and the alleged good karma that comes with cleaning up after slovenly artists letting bands stay at your house is a mostly thankless experience. If you’ve got the patience however you’ll be rewarded with heightened friendships and a whole bunch of stories. Some of mine include a full day of My Super Sweet 16 marathons while White Lung and Nü Sensae got their van repaired along with some B-Lines air hockey tournaments that turned violent. Here we’ve asked some other Calgarians to share accounts of what it’s like to have bands spend the night.


The last time that (Winnipeg hardcore group) Born Bad played here in 2009 they rolled through town with a few of their friends and slept on the floor of my (and my parents’) living room. The show was in someone else’s house. Their set was a bit of a mess fuelled by alcohol hardcore doing flips off a bookshelf and smashing through drywall.

After they finished playing they started playing Cro-Mags through the P.A. and moshed the living room. Drywall was torn out of the wall spirits were broken and a damage deposit was likely lost.

After we left the show we blew up fireworks on the streets and stopped at another liquor store on the way back to my house. Mike (the singer) was already drunk but picked up some more booze. When we got back to my house he proceeded to find a bottle of my parents’ cough syrup and slam it down instead of drinking his whiskey. I’m sure his intentions were to get more fucked up but instead he just passed out in a recliner while the rest of us continued the party.

The next morning my father being the god amongst men that he is made a massive feast for the nine or 10 of us to wake up to. Good way to end off their visit to Calgary.


Although many bands have crashed in my living room I don’t really have many wild and crazy stories — my roommate and I aren’t exactly the hard-partying type nor are most of the bands we’d bother giving any time to. The average story I have would be something like “Mac DeMarco stayed over one night and he was very polite.”

The most pleasant surprise I’ve ever encountered regarding a band in my house however was at Sled Island 2010. I woke up stumbled my way upstairs to find coffee and North of America just so happened to be in my living room relearning songs. Mark Mullane asked us which songs we’d like to hear while Mike Catano bemoaned his vocals on songs like “Let’s Get Tight.” I’m pretty sure we all went to a barbecue afterwards. Not a bad way to meet one of my all-time favourite bands.


One of my favourite parts about Sled is all my friends in other bands are in town to play shows. Not only do I get to see them play but I also get to put them up in my place and show them around Calgary. A couple years back Vancouver’s Vicious Cycles Motorcycle Club was staying with me and you know when they’re in town you’re gonna have a good time probably even play a little pinball. The James T. Kirks were also staying with me plus a couple other travellers. I should mention that I live in a basement bachelor suite in Mission and I had a total of 11 people in my place. Every inch of floor was taken up by these 11 humans and the 11 humans’ belongings.

It was late one night and I was exhausted trying to get to bed dreading my early start time for work. I turn around for three seconds and when I look back Billy somehow managed to strip naked and put on my Canada Post postie parka and Canada flag helmet. That night he slept in that outfit. I woke up to a star-fished Billy Bones (of the Vicious Cycles) wearing my unzipped parka with all his manliness for the world to see. I had to burn that parka…. What a waste.


Last year during Sled my neighbour thought Greg from HonheeHonhee was a homeless guy breaking into our house. Anyway she followed him in confronted him and questioned him until we got home.


This one time a friend of a friend needed a place to stay while he was on tour so he crashed at our place. When we woke up in the morning he had disappeared and he had raided our change jar and had taken money from our friend’s wallet. It was so ballsy that it was funny.

Another time we had a band stay at our place. We were about to drive home from the venue after they loaded out when a woman approached the van and started freaking out at the band accusing them of not paying her boyfriend’s band. She was their band manager. She was losing her shit on us and wouldn’t let us leave until her boyfriend’s band got paid. Being the hosts we had nothing to do with it but I was getting really annoyed with her tone and accusations so I got into a heated exchange with her. It was so dumb that the two of us who weren’t even in the band were arguing.

Anyways my boyfriend stepped on the gas and we managed to escape. When we got home the band admitted that they hadn’t paid the other band and I felt like the biggest a-hole.