Arts assessing damage

Calgary’s arts community is still assessing the damage it’s suffered from last month’s flooding. In addition to impacts reported in Fast Forward Weekly’s June 27 edition several other companies have lost venues equipment and been forced to cancel events.

Mary Kapusta of the National Music Centre says the centre’s basement was heavily flooded as was the construction site for the NMC’s future home. She says the water has drained and the majority of NMC’s collection was not damaged however the centre still does not have power and is closed indefinitely.

Fringe Festival director Michelle Gallant estimates nearly $100000 in equipment was affected by flood waters. The Fringe has lost all of its chairs seating risers and sound equipment but a “major cleaning party” on June 29 managed to salvage theatrical blacks cables and possibly the lighting equipment.

“I’m not sure at the end of the day how much I’ll have to shell out to replace [or] rent what we need — it’ll depend on what the assessment turns up. All of our venues in Inglewood were fine” she says. “By hook or by crook the Fringe will go on.”

Calgary Arts Development has organized a “first responders” group consisting of government bodies arts funders and arts organizations to provide support to companies and individual artists that need help saving equipment or artwork or returning to regular operations.