Your weekend state of emergency update

The state of emergency is over in Calgary but the emergency plan is still in effect. That means the municipal government retains the power to evacuate areas and acquire any equipment it needs for recovery purposes. There are still seven local states of emergency in force throughout the province.

Next the rivers: while the Glenmore reservoir has reopened for recreational use the Bow and Elbow rivers remain closed and authorities warn people to stay away from riverbanks which may be unstable. The flow rate on both rivers is expected to increase over the weekend making them even more dangerous.

Citywide recycling pickup restarts on Monday. Garbage trucks will continue to circulate in neighborhoods hit hardest by the flood to assist in removing waste material. According to the City of Calgary landfills have received 31000 tonnes of flood waste in the past two weeks equivalent it says to five months’ worth of construction and demolition waste.

Some 50 km of the city’s 800 km of bike paths remain closed. Calgary Parks and Transportation Planning intend to create new on-street bike lanes as alternative routes around sections of the pathway that will take a significant amount of time to repair.

Four lanes of the TransCanada Highway leading into Canmore are now open though many parks and recreation areas within Kananaskis Country are closed to the public. Finally High River has set up a flood relief fund. Donations can be made at any branch of the Royal Bank of Canada or through PayPal at highriver.ca.