Re: Discomfort Zone: Motorboats and stripper poles July 4-10 2013

I am an avid reader of Fast Forward Weekly and have been for years. I feel it is a quality publication that shows a lot of what Calgary has to offer. As a born and raised Calgarian (one who has travelled far and wide to return to the place I am proud to call home) I feel it is important that this city be recognized for the cultural landscape it is and for all it has to offer.

Having said that I was extremely disappointed in the article depicting Calgary’s “Nightlife” written by Mark Hopkins. I agree that places like The Roadhouse and Boudoir Rouge would certainly find me out of my respective comfort zone but I felt the article could have included so much more. The tone as I read it was one of bored disinterest and I found myself asking if the writer was purposefully making the effort to portray himself with as much detachment as humanly possible. If this was indeed the tenor he was attempting to achieve he succeeded admirably. A more interesting take might have been to approach the experiences with a sense of irony a sarcastic sense of fun or perhaps engage in conversations with the staff and clientele and inquire as to why these places are as popular as they seem to be obvious reasons aside.

Calgary has a dynamic and varied nightlife scene with newer additions such as The National or Craft that attract a certain type of clientele and Habitat or the Hifi club for dancing. Perhaps these columns could be “themed” as such: dancing picking up beer wine cocktails food fine dining comedy etc.

As a former columnist and writer myself I understand how each writer has a distinct tonality to their writing their own personal sense of style if you will. The last article from Mr. Hopkins I felt was a discredit to the quality of writing Fast Forward Weekly could be using to properly show in an intelligent and witty way just how vibrant this city is.

Stephanie Morris