The Jook – Jook Rule O.K.

Sing Sing Records

The Jook released five singles and an EP in the ’70s and then dismantled into obscurity due to disappointing record sales and two members being recruited to a post-”Kimono My House” Sparks. The Jook was rediscovered and rescued from European charity shops and record fair bargain bins in 2002 by a write-up in the January issue of Record Collector and a March article in The Guardian on the same subject matter: junkshop glam. And although The Jook hadn’t considered themselves glam there is evidence of the era in certain songs. Any glam reference points however would be restricted to the aggressive working-class rock ’n’ roll end of the spectrum rather than glittering art-rock androgyny. Further light was shed on The Jook thanks to inclusion on one of several vital junkshop glam comps via RPM suitably a collection of “pre-punk ’n’ glam terrace stompers” and later an RPM CD-only compilation of their entire discography titled Different Class . Thankfully this is where Sing-Sing enters the story and releases the same collection (minus a few non-essential demo versions) on double LP which incidentally costs about the same as one of the Jook’s more affordable singles on eBay.