Flippin’ good eats

New Kensington burger joint is charbroiled deliciousness

As a teen my preferred burgers came from DQ or Burger King. I chose these two over the golden arches because I loved the taste of a charbroiled burger. Thankfully my adult self has a broader range of options to choose from and now there’s a tasty spot in Kensington to sate my charbroiled cravings.

Located in a cozy space on 10th Stree Flipp’n Burgers offers burger lovers an amazing range of toppings and sauces. And the beef is impressive too.

Ethically raised Flipp’n patties weigh in at six ounces and are free of hormones and antibiotics with no added gluten or fillers.

Popping in on a sunny Saturday night my hubby and I decide to get takeout and picnic at nearby Riley Park. If you want to eat in there’s cozy seating for around 15 plus a couple of tables outside. Painted in a bright orange hue the room features vintage black-and-white photos and black banquette seating.

Getting to it my husband orders the signature Flipp’n Burger ($13) it’s the priciest option but the toppings make it well worth it. Standing tall this burger features two patties cheddar Swiss beefy bacon (100 per cent Canadian beef) frizzled onions and Flipp’n sauce (a blend of chipotle mayo and 12 herbs.)

Beyond the original toppings diners can choose to add any free topping of lettuce tomato red onion pickles banana peppers sautéed mushrooms sautéed Spanish onions and Cajun onions. Plus any of the sauces like ranch basil aioli basil pesto barbecue sauce hummous horseradish spicy chipotle and/or Dijon mustard. And for a small fee you can add avocado beefy bacon goat cheese frizzled onions and/or pineapple.

You also have your choice of bun from soft and chewy white or whole-wheat to a gluten-free option from Big Star Bakery.

It may sound a little overwhelming but fret not the staff is super patient and helpful when it comes to placing your order. I took my sweet time ordering a cheeseburger ($8) with basil aioli frizzled onions ($1) and sautéed mushrooms.

Vegetarians have a couple of options here too. The first is an organic vegan patty ($6) made with brown rice broccoli corn carrots peppers onions and rolled oats. The second is a black bean patty ($5.50) featuring black beans corn tomatoes and green chili peppers.

And if you don’t want beef or veg you can grab a Nathan’s hotdog (grilled butterfly style) or a chicken burger. The feature on the night we visit is a spicy buffalo chicken burger for $8.

As far as sides go you have your choice of fries ($2.25/$4) yam fries ($4.25) or onion rings ($4) plus a featured salad.

We go with the yam fries and the onion rings. The onion rings are medium in size with a nice crispy exterior. The yam fries are cut into chips and are a tad soggy a little more crunch would go a long way.

The burgers are delicious. The patties are juicy and tender and the charbroiled flavour is just right. The Flipp’n Burger is a flippin’ mouthful. Only the hungriest should tread here. The double patties and stacked toppings make for a serious bite.

In both of our burgers the patty is the dominant flavour with the sauces and toppings taking a rightful spot as background players. The crispy beefy bacon plays a close second to the patties.

Rounding out our meal we sip on a creamy-dreamy Creamsicle shake ($5 chocolate and vanilla). Bottled Coke products are also available from the fridge. (I’d love to see some local pops featured.)

If you’ve got a hankering for a tasty charbroiled burger from a friendly local spot you need to pay a visit to Flipp’n Burgers. That’s some good eating.

The Flipp’n Burger. Photo by Josh Naud.