Sled Island updates pass refund policy offer CIFF tickets

Last month festival organizers at Sled Island assessed their losses and addressed the refund policy for individual ticket holders. Now they’ve updated their refund policy to include those who bought full festival passes.

In a press release sent out to media the festival expressed a desire to be transparent about their situation. According to them 70 per cent of their expenses are non-refundable and nearly half of their revenue comes from pass and ticket sales as well as alcohol sales.

As they explain it if they were to refund every single ticket and pass holder they would lose up to $200000 and greatly risk the future viability of the festival.

With that in mind they will offer a full refund to pass holders who need one. If you request a refund by August 27 you will be reimbursed within three weeks of that date.

If you can however they’ve requested that you forgo your refund as a donation to the future of Sled Island. The first 200 passholders who forgo their refund will receive a pass to the Calgary International Film Festival which CIFF has donated to the fest.

Everyone who forgoes their refund will also receive a limited edition T-shirt. There are also more benefits to be announced.

Another option is that you can get a refund on your pass then donate the money to Sled Island through their InvestYYC project. In that case you’ll receive a charitable tax receipt.

To summarize these are the three options as laid out by the festival:

• I require a full refund.

• I choose to forgo my refund.

• I require a refund but would like to donate my money back to the festival via the Invest YYC platform to receive a charitable tax receipt.

If you have any questions you can email info@sledisland.com or call them at 403-229-2901.