Fringe review: Wilf is wickedly entertaining

Wilf’s premise is absolutely ridiculous. I mean a show that features a girl who was raised by wolves and has difficulty adjusting to human society? Oh and throw a few zombie references into the mix.

Despite my initial skepticism however Wilf is surprisingly entertaining.

The show’s opening scene is deceptive: Despite having read Wilf’s promotional blurb for a second I thought I was in for a post-Second World War drama when the lone male on stage Marc opens the show with "Berlin. 1945."

You soon realize however he’s actually taking his Nazi zombie-killing video game a little too seriously….

Enter his lesbian roommate Penelope. She works in a lab and is excited about the possibility of getting a little "action" that evening as she’s inviting over a young woman — of indeterminate sexual preference — who was raised by wolves.

When Marc gets a glimpse of the wolf-girl however he decides he also wants to make a sexual play for her.

What ensues is a comical ride that sees Penelope and Marc both competing for their guest’s attentions. There’s plenty of homo-versus-hetero sparring along the way and some pretty raunchy jokes that are quite funny.

I don’t think Wilf could sustain much more than its 45 minutes and its ending is somewhat unsatisfying but the show is definitely entertaining. Wilf is playing as part of the Calgary Fringe Festival .