Jackson Scott – Melbourne

Fat Possum

Asheville NC-based Jackson Scott admits his musical influence is early Weezer but unless he unearthed some unknown Rivers Cuomo demos from a garage sale I’m not convinced he didn’t just raid Kickass Torrents’ Elephant 6 vault as a teenager.

His debut album Melbourne feels familiar thanks to its close resemblance to E6 types like Elf Power and Apples in Stereo and Atlas Sound’s Logos . By recording straight to four-track he’s also an unlikely traditionalist at the age of 20 preferring the more taxing lo-fi route over the ease of his MacBook.

Maybe it’s the tape hiss that adds the charm but Scott has plenty of it. His vocals shift in pitch sometimes taking on a childlike tone (“Sandy” “Any Way”) which sounds wonderfully deranged spewing stream-of-consciousness prose. In the context of such slow-mo reverb and fuzzed-out jangle he’s made an album that keeps your ear on the speaker just by making it so erratic.

Like all of its comparisons Scott’s work can get sloppy in spots but Melbourne isn’t trying to be something it’s not. There’s a real future for this kid. Just wait till he gets his hands on that second Olivia Tremor Control album.