Monkeytown Records

This is the second full-length collaboration between German dance duo Modeselektor and electronic producer Sascha Ring better known as Apparat. Apparat already released one fantastic solo album based on Tolstoy’s War and Peace earlier this year so how does this hold up? Well for one Modeselektor bring some fairly thick beats to the table. Rumbling low synths glaze over soft drones with Apparat’s soft vocals floating atop the mix.

The shift of subgenres is fairly subtle throughout the album like “Milk” a 10-minute track that slowly builds into a major house music blast. Tracks like “Ilona” are much more sinister with classic dubstep vocals creeping in sounding similar to a Burial track. The mid-tempo jungle beats bust out and the final result is a great track to put on your “driving down the autobahn” mixtape.

The three musicians seem like they would clutter up an album with too many different genres but Modeselektor tones it down in the best way and allows room for Apparat’s vocals. It’s mellow but not in the spa music category. It’s a quiet release for those hard raver folks who need some chill-out grooves after the party.