Fringe review: Nashville Hurricane

From the moment actor Chase Padgett stepped onstage at the Calgary Fringe Festival he had us in a grip.

Nashville Hurricane is a solo show written by Padgett and Jay Hopkins that follows the story of Henry an incredibly smart and musically gifted young man who happens to be brutally shy. The surrounding cast (all played expertly by Padget) include an ex-preacher turned music producer his trailer trash mother and a troubled blues player lost in his drink.

Each of these characters flirt with stereotypes but Padget has a way of finding and conveying their unique humanity. Afterward I wondered if this was acting or channeling.

The story unfolds in surprising and unexpected ways a perfect blend of recognition and delight that kept us on the edge of our seats (or toes since it was sold out so not everyone had a seat)

This is a beautifully crafted masterpiece.

My only minor criticism would be that near the end the repetition of Henry’s resolution brings the story close to preachy instead of truthful. I was satisfied with the statement once. Trust that the note will be heard by those that have the ear and those that don’t will hear the music and be happy all the same.