Raspberry Bulbs – Deformed Worship

Blackest Ever Black

New York City’s Raspberry Bulbs really don’t want you to call them black metal. That’s because they’re not. It’s kinda like how Skrillex used to be in a screamo band and still looks like he’s in a screamo band yet makes music that isn’t real dubstep but people still call it dubstep. Raspberry Bulbs being called black metal is like Skrillex being called screamo. But I digress.

The now five-piece was formed by Marco del Rio who’s better known as He Who Crushes Teeth and one-half of Bone Awl (along with He Who Gnashes Teeth). The first Raspberry Bulbs album Nature Tries Again was released on Dom Fernow’s Hospital Productions label which explains a lot.

Deformed Worship is the first album as a five piece and although it ain’t black metal it is some of the darkest guttural punk out there. With del Rio’s scraping voice spilling ominous lyrics (see “Groping The Angel’s Face”) on paper it’s best designed for the evilest metal. However the melodic rock riffs give Raspberry Bulbs an unlikely appeal that wouldn’t come from del Rio’s metal work. This newfangled sound makes Deformed Worship somewhat of an anomaly in a genre that’s pretty much tapped out.