Back to school barbs

Opposition having a field day with government and education

Alberta’s opposition is having a field day with the first week of school slamming the government over post-secondary cuts K-12 cuts fees and a lack of programs.

Alberta Liberal MLA Kent Hehr has been throwing volleys all week as school starts up calling out the government for fewer teachers teaching more students and harassing Premier Alison Redford over a broken election promise to fund full-day kindergarten.

“Many other provinces have or are moving towards implementing full-day kindergarten because they recognize the many benefits early childhood education has in helping young people develop” says Hehr in a press release. “Alberta must invest in our children and fund full-day kindergarten.”

Meanwhile the Wildrose is calling out the governing Conservatives on miscommunication when it comes to school fees. Wildrose is blaming Redford for not tackling the issue of school fees and saying it’s between parents and school boards while her current and former education ministers insist that something must be done at the provincial level to curb fees.

“This is an issue of priorities. Instead of growing the bureaucracy and upper management let’s put those resources towards scrapping mandatory fees to give families a break” says Wildrose MLA Bruce McAllister in a press release. “Parents are tired of September becoming ‘Chequetember’ and it’s time that this out-of-touch PC government starts listening.”