Holograms – Forever

Captured Tracks

If Holograms achieve anything in their lifetime I hope it’s that they can break free of the massive looming shadow of Iceage. Nothing has been written of the Swedish band without comparing or referring to their Danish counterparts — even in their own label’s one-sheet.

Their self-titled 2012 debut had plenty to offer Iceage fans with a similar Nordic brand of raw bleak galvanized post-punk with the added bonus of more stability and coherence. After Iceage faltered in capitalizing on their fame with their second LP Holograms are in prime form to be the caster of shadows.

Forever is a marked improvement on their debut mostly for its upgrade in songwriting. “Meditations” is unabashedly nihilistic and also the most memorable track they’ve released enhanced by synth-washed undertones and an anthemic chorus of “Destruction!” The problem is it’s not memorable enough. Nothing on Forever is.

Maybe Holograms make up for it onstage but Forever is an album that sinks into sameness without providing much of a spark. Sure Iceage might lack consistency but it’s their erratic fire-cracking temperament that makes them so intriguing to hear. Holograms simply need to try harder.