The Albertans – Dangerous Anything

Ernest Jenning Record Co.

While they may be called The Albertans this band is about as far from rootsy prairie fare as you can get. The Vancouver four-piece make that strikingly clear from the get-go on Dangerous Anything hitting you with a heady dose of analog synths symphonic drones and ’80s guitar romantics ripped right out of Twin Peaks . And it only gets better from there.

The Albertans’ third album is an impressive step up to say the least with the group ditching all their jangly indie-pop tendencies for a darker more complex sound that brings equal parts ’80s new wave German kosmische and funked-up post-punk. It’s ultimately a more mature-sounding Albertans whose album comes across as a truly slaved-over but relaxed product of the studio.

While this is in part thanks to engineering mastermind Joshua Stevenson (Jackie-O Motherfucker Magneticring) who instills the record with some needed retro warmth The Albertans pack some seriously improved songwriting chops such as on the mutant-disco-tinted “Begin the Beguin” where co-vocalist Alison Yip puts on her best Italians Do It Better diva impression and the hushed Joel Bravo-led “L-friend” which is a straight-up ambient-pop gem.

By ripping up their playbook The Albertans took a big chance with Dangerous Anything but luckily this is one that’s paid off big time.