Goings On – week of Sept 19 2013

Though many will be busy CIFFing it up in our few remaining downtown cinemas the music side of the city this week sees Calgary being very Calgary-ish. There are up-and-coming DJs from around the globe hyper-specific subgenres of punk popping up in both traditional and non-traditional venues and some long-running Calgary performers keeping their dream alive. It’s the same diverse fascinating and unique (and arguably fragmented) spread we seem to get on a weekly basis.

First up is a Toronto-based producer who’s either having his best or worst week ever on Google Analytics. That’s because he’s chosen the name Grandtheft which easily crosses wires with the just-released wildly popular open-world video game Grand Theft Auto V . The musician named Grandtheft is a famed remixer and original producer who’s worked with A-Trak and Diplo opened for Arcade Fire and U2 and soundtracked parties for Seth Rogen and Paris Hilton. He’ll be playing the Hifi Club on Thursday September 19. You should check it out unless you’re stuck to the couch running and gunning in GTA V .

Friday September 20 offers a trio of choices. The top pick is undoubtedly the first-ever Calgary appearance from legendary San Francisco punk outfit The Avengers (who also had some Google madness when Joss Whedon’s superhero movie was released last year). The group who first disbanded in 1979 and are currently involved in a decade-plus reunion will be joined by Vancouver’s premier power-pop outfit The Tranzmitors alongside local leather daddies The Mandates . It’s all going down at The Palomino.

If you’d rather not try to squeeze into what will surely be a cramped and sweaty bar there’s also an opportunity to get cramped and sweaty at Lux Laundromat on Friday September 20. The venue will play host to an appearance from Vancouver punk group Taxa (who share members with the hard-working post-hardcore band Damages). They’ll perform alongside La Luna (formerly Brain Fever) and a relatively new local band called Streetpreacher .

The final option for Saturday September 20 sees Calgary’s old guard repping hard at Broken City for Lorrie Matheson’s birthday party. The show includes Matheson’s own Night Committee alongside celebratory riff rockers Napalmpom who’re quickly becoming the Broken City house band. There are also some out-of-towners by way of Toronto’s The Order of Good Cheer and Montreal’s Eternal Husbands .

On Saturday September 21 Vancouver raw punk outfit Koszmar will deliver some gnarly sounds to an afternoon crowd at an all-ages Broken City matinee. They’ll be joined by West Coast hardcore act Snøb as well as locals Skabiis and the always-provocative Glitter .

“But Josiah” you interject “where is all of the long-running locally made instrumental country and surf music happening this week?” Friends I’ve heard your cry. That’s why I’m happy to report that Calgary’s own Ramblin’ Ambassadors will be performing a free show on Sunday September 22 at The Palomino. Don’t sleep in however — the band goes on at 11 a.m. and there’s also a full “cowboy breakfast.”

This wildly diverse week closes out with a performance from Lapalux the 25-year-old British performer born Stuart Howard who makes forward-thinking electronic music for Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint. He’ll perform at the Hifi Club on Wednesday September 25.