Anyone who thought MGMT were having a laugh with their loopy second album the ’60s psych-inspired Congratulations wasn’t paying attention. Andrew VanWyngarden and Benjamin Goldwasser weren’t interested in writing another Oracular Spectacular which sold over a million copies and boasted multiple radio hits. They’re a handsome couple of weirdos who want to make experimental mind-expanding music like their heroes.

MGMT is an even deeper descent into weirdness than Congratulations . They’ve admitted an Aphex Twin influence though it’s only audible on “Astro-Mancy” which flutters and twitches more like a Kid A reject. It’s a shame there couldn’t be more Aphexness because at least then MGMT would have some focus. The songs clash like some intentionally obstinate compilation which wouldn’t be so unpleasant if some of them had hooks. “Plenty of Girls in the Sea” flirts with a chorus but opts for maddening noise that kill the melody.

I get it: MGMT want to be uncompromising with their vision but there is a middle ground where they can experiment and hold on to fans. As long as they remain stubborn and release baloney like this they’ll just alienate everyone till they can only count themselves as fans.