FallCon a full weekend of gaming

The next Boxed Worlds column is going to be too late to bring it up so consider this your fair warning: This weekend (September 27-29) is FallCon Western Canada’s largest board game convention. They’ve been running this thing for a good 26 years now so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing.

You’ll probably want to browse around the website for details but in short it’s a full weekend of gaming auctions and general goodness. For the free-play sessions there are about 700 games that you can sign out but if you feel like that’s too much freedom of choice they’ve got a ton of pre-scheduled gaming sessions.

Basically if you’ve been wanting to check out something new (holy heck am I ever curious about Robinson Crusoe) or a classic that you just never got around to this weekend’s an ideal chance to do just that. And if you like ’em then the flea market and auction are good ways to empty out your pocket book.

Of course there are a ton of things going on this weekend including the equally geek-friendly Calgary Pincade Show (which was an absolute blast last year) and the wrap-up to the Calgary International Film Festival . No one ever said life was easy. But just trust me here — there are few better opportunities to break into the world of board games and you probably don’t want to have to wait another year.