Goings On – week of Sept. 26th 2013

Want to see a bunch of folkie folks performing at the Calgary Folk Music Festival’s Festival Hall? Thursday September 26 will offer up an evening with Mo Kenney and Andy Shauf (two people with such pitch-perfect performer names that I suspect they’ve been predestined for the folk fest crowd since birth). Read about both of them in this very issue.

If you’d prefer some roots music that’s a little gruffer however you could head over to The Palomino on September 26 for an evening of folk and alt-country courtesy of Kevin Stebner’s throat-shredding Cold Water project and Cancon mainstay Eamon McGrath who’s touring in support of his upcoming new album Exile – Part One . Dude is without question my second favourite artist named Eamon the first being the New York-based pop R&B crooner who scored a big hit 10 years ago with the still-great high-school dance hit “Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back)” but I digress.

For something a little more likely to get you dancing you could hit the Hifi Club on September 26 for an appearance from San Francisco DJ Christian Martin . Part of San Francisco’s 10-year strong Dirtybird label and collective Martin’s dropped some seriously awesome techno mixes. Also he recently performed at Burning Man meaning this whole thing could evolve into a muddy dreadlock and steampunk goggle-clad orgy.

Quirky indie fans would be wise to hit up the National Music Centre on Friday September 27 where Groenland will be taking the stage. No that’s not the name of a failed Matt Groening theme park — it’s actually one of those 2003-style multi-member Can-indie collectives that adds orchestral elements to their pop anthems and make funny faces in their colourful press photos.

If you’ve moved on from that sort of thing and prefer pomade and fancy Doc Martens in place of Steve Zissou toques and colourful discount Converse you might want to grab a barley soda and kick back to the sounds of DJ Carl Cassidy and Van Cleef who’ll return with their fifth edition of The Uppercut Club . Soul R&B roots and reggae collide with Tubby Dog’s busy Friday-night crowd on September 27.

Chris Dadge’s Bug Incision booking company and record label continues to treat Calgarians to some fascinating choices for free jazz and improvisation and this weekend looks to be one of his biggest shows yet. Toronto players Andrew Downing Rob Clutton and Nick Fraser working with saxophonist Tony Malaby will bring their years of experience to the National Music Centre on Saturday September 28 as The Nick Fraser Quartet . They’ll be joined by The Jealousy Mountain Duo a group that has drawn comparisons to the skronky math rock of Zach Hill’s projects and a collaboration between Aaron Leaney and Chris Dadge himself.

Only time will tell if they do in fact have more fun but New York City electronic duo Blondes will make a Calgary appearance on September 28 performing at the Hifi Club in support of their recent Swisher album.

Of course it wouldn’t be a notable week in Calgary without another ferocious show from those little shits behind Garbage of the World / Spirit of Truth. The hardcore scene’s Batman and Robin are once again holding a show at Olympic Billiards. On Sunday September 29 check out Edmonton death metal outfit Begrime Exemious Squamish sludge masters Hoopsnake and new Calgary crew Vaalt alongside local institution Savage Streets .

Finally on Wednesday October 2 Abbotsford B.C. cutie Teen Daze will keep the chillwave dream alive bringing his project back to Calgary with a headlining slot at The Gateway. Rather than just look cute behind a laptop however the band’s semi-mysterious frontman Jamison will look cute with a full backing band.