Mazzy Star – Seasons of Your Day

Rhymes of an Hour

When Mazzy Star first emerged in the early ’90s the group quickly became a soft and tender beacon in a music world overrun by grunge making them the antithesis of all things brash loud and amplified. Nearly two decades since their last release not much has changed.

Marking their first release since 1997’s Among My Swan Mazzy Star’s Seasons of Your Day finds founders David Roback and Hope Sandoval picking up right where they left off weaving their spell via achingly romantic tunes that are as mournful as they are beautiful. That’s obvious right from the get-go with the stunning organ- and slide guitar-fuelled “In the Kingdom” which sets the album’s relaxed and airy tone.

If anything the years have done the band good. Roback’s bluesy six-string slides sound more mournful than ever as his arrangements ease into more simplified bare-bone structures and the dusky quality to Sandoval’s voice has only been magnified especially during rustic standouts like “Common Burn” and “Spoon” backed by late U.K. folk figure Bert Jansch.

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