The Dirtbombs – Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey!

In The Red

The Dirtbombs are Mick Collins’ post-Gories pre-Blacktop invention for which he took on dual bass players and drummers to accompany him on guitar. Their LPs alone demonstrate their range their style switching drastically between releases from garage punk to soul to car commercial rock and even a stab at techno. Their latest endeavour Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey! is Mick’s tribute to late ’60s bubblegum (which satisfies my curiosity as to whether Mick has been reading my mash letters specifically those describing The Gooeys my semi-bubblegum project).

The original era of bubblegum with its affinity for breakfast cereal cross-marketing might have rejected a band named something as unappetizing as The Dirtbombs. The record however gets pretty close to sounding as though it was a prize punched out of its perforations on the back of a teeny-bopper’s box of Super Sugar Crisp circa 1969 which today would probably taste like disintegrating sugar-coated dirt-bombs anyway.

The album skillfully salutes some key players in bubblegum most heavily the Archies (right down to the Jingle Jangle album art) but without the unmatchable session musicians or AM gold vocals I’m left wanting to listen to the original songs being imitated.