VoteKit to the rescue

Group focuses on voter turnout in coming civic election

A group of volunteers are bent on increasing voter turnout on Calgary’s election day next month.

Voter turnout in local municipal elections is often low compared to provincial and federal elections but Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s popularity combined with 12 of 14 aldermen campaigning to stay on has many predicting October 21 will be an especially sleepy polling day.

In response VoteKit Calgary has launched a website votekit.ca to provide “non-partisan” information about the candidates as well as practical information on how and where to vote and become involved in the lead-up to election day.

The volunteer-run group is also kicking off its first live event on September 30 at the Genesis Centre of Community Wellness to attract and inform fledging voters.

“VoteKit will reach out to Calgarians who haven’t voted before or who don’t vote and give them the tools and encouragement they need to engage in this election” says VoteKit Calgary volunteer Ellen Cseke.

“We’re hoping to demystify the voting process by inviting Calgarians to walk through it from the parking lot to the ballot box and get their questions answered by helpful volunteers” says Mark Hopkins another VoteKit volunteer.