HAIM – Days Are Gone


HAIM have “guilty pleasure” written all over them. Not only is the sister act trendy as hell right now but they sound like just the sort of thing you’d hear on repeat at the neighbourhood Urban Outfitters. Like it or not though HAIM’s Days Are Gone debut displays some serious pop chops appealing to a plethora of musical sensibilities.

Like so many post-2000 acts HAIM’s sonic aesthetic is as retro as it is modern. Not only do Danielle Este and Alana Haim hit on the sort of classic songwriting sensibilities of Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush but they weave them with R&B sensuality indie-rock hookiness and a slick neo-disco glow pulled straight from Italians Do It Better.

On paper it may seem a mess but with the help of co-producers James Ford and Ariel Rechtshaid HAIM make it all sound effortless like any good pop band should. Whether it’s the bluesy En Vogue stomp of “My Song 5” the tear-jerking rejection balladry of “Running If You Call My Name” or the undeniably catchy gloss-pop of “Falling” and “Forever” it’s a collection that hits and rarely misses.

The hype may have verged on overload but HAIM earned it with Days Are Gone proving they’re a buzz band with more to offer than just buzz.