Yuck – Glow & Behold

Fat Possum

The big news about London’s Yuck is that in between albums their vocalist/guitar/songwriter Daniel Blumberg left the band to go solo as Hebronix. Considering you likely haven’t heard (of) his new project he’ll probably regret that move. As far as survivors go Yuck managed to hang in there and record their sophomore record after 2011’s self-titled debut made them an indie blogger’s favourite.

First things first Glow & Behold is no Back in Black or The Number of the Beast (in more ways than one). It’s an inferior product but only slightly. New vocalist Max Bloom is an adequate replacement for Blumberg because neither really has a distinct voice. Bassist Mariko Doi who often doubles up the lead vocal continues to do so effectively on the swoony mid-tempo “Lose My Breath” and the more rippin’ “Middle Sea.”

The biggest problem for Yuck on album No. 2 is that Blumberg took with him a lot of the hooks that made the band’s debut so beguiling. I love how “Rebirth” immaculately rips off My Bloody Valentine but there is little else as remarkable as what Blumberg contributed. It’s a valiant attempt and you never know maybe next time they’ll recapture that magic.

Unless you’re a metal and/or hardcore band losing a vocalist should be the nail in the coffin. It never gets better for rock bands. Alice in Chains Black Sabbath Van Halen c’mon! The replacements all paled in comparison to the originals. (I will give you Iron Maiden but even they replaced Bruce Dickinson.) The good thing about London’s Yuck is that they were still new when vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Daniel Blumberg left to go solo.