Shamrock hotel fined

Just in time for Fire Prevention Awareness Week (October 6 to 12) a Court of Queen’s judge is fining the owner of the Shamrock Hotel $30000 for fire code violations related to an August 2012 fire that swept through the hotel and pub located in Ramsay.

During the fire patrons of the Shamrock Hotel could not access fire escapes and fire doors that should remain closed were left open allowing smoke to fill the building. The 11 people inside the hotel at the time escaped thanks in part to fire crews breaking windows in the building. Three people were hospitalized for smoke inhalation.

The Calgary Fire Department says the court’s ruling can serve as a good reminder of fire safety and business owners’ responsibilities to ensure they are up to code.

“Tampering with or disabling a building’s life safety design features such as fire doors in this case unnecessarily puts lives at risk. Building owners are responsible for the care and safety of their tenants and must ensure that everything is working as it should on a daily basis” says Calgary fire marshal Ed Kujat.

“It was lucky that there was no loss of life in this instance…. We will continue to ensure that building owners are educated and then held accountable for infractions against the Alberta Fire Code. This should not be a matter of inconvenience for them as it could be a matter of life and death” says Kujat.

The Shamrock Hotel has since been repaired.