Cruisin’ the Cosmos – week of Oct 17 2013

LIBRA (SEPT. 23 — OCT. 22) You’re well-known as a warrior for righteousness but you won’t be much use if your efforts are too diffuse. You can’t be everything everywhere all the time y’see and all you’ll accomplish is gettin’ burnout if you try to be. This weekend gather your strength so you can fight fewer battles for much longer lengths!

SCORPIO (OCT. 23 — NOV. 21) Someone’s talkin’ smack behind your back but don’t get suckered into a counterattack. As much as you may want to jump into the fray you’ve got the high ground so keep it that way. Folks’ll be less likely to believe what the trash-talker may say and you’ll look even better at the end of the day!

SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22 — DEC. 21) Love ain’t easy like everyone knows but it’s pretty darn good at keepin’ you on your toes. Unfortunately when you stand on your toes your balance ain’t at its best and you can be easily tipped over with a push to the chest. Answer this week when love comes a-callin’ but remember why they call that answer “fallin!’”

CAPRICORN (DEC. 22 — JAN. 19) As an Earth sign your home means a lot so you can start losin’ touch if you let it go to pot. That’s ’cause your mind reflects your space in a way and they’ve both been in a bit of disarray. Before the weekend ignore the hustle ’n’ bustle of the rat race and hustle your bustle takin’ care of your place!

AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 — FEB. 18) Ahh the lonesome lot of sensitive artistes: to be a beauty among the beasts. Considered weird or even feared the brutes don’t realize you oughtta be cheered for bein’ evolutionarily higher-tiered. This week don’t let ’em drag you down to their level your advanced-ness is something in which you should revel!

PISCES (FEB. 19 — MARCH 20) Brace yourselves dudes ’n’ dudettes this week’ll be ’bout as tough as it gets. You’ll likely see the deflation of a much-cherished dream when you do the right thing and take one for the team. But just ’cause you’ll be sidelined awhile don’t mean you won’t soon have reason to smile!

ARIES (MARCH 21 — APRIL 19) Success ain’t somethin’ you can pin down by rollin’ around on the ground. It’s more like boxin’ than wrasslin’. Instead of tryin’ to hold ’n’ control you need to bob ’n’ weave ’n’ roll with the punches so they don’t take their toll. When your openin’ comes strike and they’ll soon be announcin’ your win on the mic!

TAURUS (APRIL 20 — MAY 20) One plus one can equal two but it’s also true they can add up to three when joinin’ to create something new. If you think that sounds wild think man plus woman equals child. This week when it comes to the heart what you add together will total more than the sum of the parts!

GEMINI (MAY 21 — JUNE 20) Pleasure and leisure are like sunken treasure. You’ll spend a lotta time and cash searchin’ for it and when you finally find a crusty ol’ chest it may be empty or filled with old socks at best. This week when seekin’ sensual satisfaction don’t overreach. Remember a li’l metal detector’ll find lots at the beach!

CANCER (JUNE 21 — JULY 22) You ain’t gonna get nothin’ if you simply stand by and you ain’t got nothin’ to lose if you give it a try. So actually it’s a safe bet and you won’t be livin’ dangerously so there’s really nothin’ to sweat. In fact if the odds were always as good as this week you’d always risk big to get what you seek!

LEO (JULY 23 — AUG. 22) It ain’t only the mamas the papas too have a nurturin’ instinct and dads are astrologically represented by you. That means sometimes you cultivate ’cause when you do cook up the goods they taste pretty dang great. This weekend prepare to savour the flavour after you harvest the fruits of your recent labour!

VIRGO (AUG. 23 — SEPT. 22) A cynical person’s just a pissed idealist who knows things can be better than how they presently exist. Well if things can be better then what’s stoppin’ you from doin’ what it takes to make it come true? This week if you start takin’ action you’ll increase the chances of your satisfaction!