Cults – Static


The big selling point for the second album by NYC duo Cults is that this is their “breakup album.” Y’see Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion (which is totally not his real name) had trouble keeping their romance going after the success of their 2011 self-titled debut which sucks for love but rules for inspiring that difficult sophomore record.

Those who loved Cults’ unabashed throwback to ’60s girl group pop will find plenty more of it in Static . Their wall of sound-style production however seems to have subdued Follin’s vocals which feel buried under it perhaps because of the lyrical introspection. Furthermore there isn’t anything nearly as memorable as the first album’s “Go Outside” or “Oh My God.”

Is Static this generation’s Blood on the Tracks or Rumors ? Hahahaha no. This followup doesn’t rely on the drama of their split instead choosing to show that they survive and move on. In fact I often forgot all about it. It is an affable album with some shining moments but sadly lacks the tasty singles that made its predecessor such a delightful find.