Sobey Art Award recipient Duane Linklater to visit Esker Foundation

Works by Duane Linklater shown above at left and right flank an installation by Kent Monkman centre in Fiction/Non-fiction at the Esker Foundation.

Duane Linklater winner of the prestigious $50000 Sobey Art Award is leading two discussions this week at the Esker Foundation gallery in Inglewood where his work is featured in the current exhibition Fiction/Non-fiction . The Sobey Art Award is an annual prize given to an artist of age 40 or under who has exhibited in a public or commercial art gallery within 18 months of being nominated.

Linklater who received the award at a gala on October 9 in Nova Scotia is from the Moose Cree First Nation in Northern Ontario and is based in North Bay. His work ranges from film and video installations to sculptural objects to performance and has been shown nationally and internationally.

Linklater is among 13 artists featured in Fiction/Non-fiction who "challenge mainstream cultural and political narratives by offering transcultural critique through works that propose counterpoints rhetorical questions and revisionist statements (often as increasingly abstract forms of representation) to official historical records or archives" according to the Esker Foundation.

On Friday October 18 Linklater and Raymond Boisjoly will talk about being in a group show together and the idea of an exhibition that involves several artists who are Indigigenous or engaging with Indigenous issues. On Saturday October 19 Linklater and Boisjoly will be joined by four other artists to continue the conversation in a panel discussion about Indigenous positioning identification and the process of visual production.

The programs are free to the public but advance registration is required.