The Dismemberment Plan – Uncanney Valley


Washington D.C.’s The Dismemberment Plan retired far too early calling it a day after 2001’s excellent Change . Uncanney Valley is the first new music from the band in 12 years which for any band could signal some artistic modifications.

The Dismemberment Plan were once an unpredictable genre-bending rock band that could assume any number of styles and tempos at the drop of a hat. Now? A friend of mine’s half-kidding claim that they’re the “cool indie Incubus” makes a lot of sense.

Uncanney Valley is the sound of growing old and dull. Some say that with maturity comes monotony and that couldn’t be any closer to the truth for the D-Plan. It sucks to grow old but it sucks even more when you have to do it hearing once-great bands sound so insipid. Travis Morrison apologizes on “Lookin” or at least that’s what I think all of those sorrys mean.

In 1997 they named their album The Dismemberment Plan is Terrified . In 2013 they should have named their new album The Dismemberment Plan is Terrible .