Best Coast – Fade Away

Jewel City

Bethany Cosentino has described Best Coast’s new EP as the lovechild of the band’s first two albums y’know had they fornicated. It’s unclear if she meant it was vinyl compact discs or MP3s having the sex but it’s an interesting concept for a record. Most musicians write songs about humans making love not music making love.

She also said the production is “not super lo-fi and DIY sounding but it’s not too produced either” because the songs on Fade Away also sound just like both of Best Coast’s albums though not quite like those early fuzz-bombed singles I loved. What she failed to say in her two-sentence statement though is that the songs all sound like those from Crazy For You and The Only Place almost as if she’s plagiarizing herself.

EPs normally get a bad wrap and Best Coast aren’t helping the format’s cause. With Fade Away they’ve used the “extended play” as some depraved stopgap to fulfil their music-formatted sex fantasies. The least they could’ve done was to take some kind of risk here but I guess that would require an original idea which they’re clearly out of at this stage.