Death Waltz

Things couldn’t be better for Goblin fans at the moment. Not only have the ’70s Italian horror/prog kings embarked on their first-ever North American tour they’re also seeing a massive resurgence thanks to the recent rise of soundtrack culture forged by new labels like Death Waltz Waxworks and One Way Static. Now Goblin who originally made their name by scoring some of Dario Argento’s biggest films have unleashed a mini-offering simply dubbed Tour EP .

Made up of four tracks the release is a trip through memory lane — and a snapshot of the present — as Goblin’s current live incarnation re-imagines key tracks from the band’s long and storied career. And while the new interpretations stick fairly close to the originals the EP brings its fair share of moments.

For the most part these come from the group adding not only a thick layer of crunch but some newfound cosmic groove to tracks like “Roller” “Profondo Rosso” and the Justice-sampled “Tenebre.” The new recording of “Suspiria” is also downright essential thanks to this extended version working in even creepier demon chants and some off-the-hook robo vocals courtesy of a possessed vocoder.

Even if you have all these tracks you’ve never heard them quite like this. And if you don’t you couldn’t ask for a better primer into the wild and frightening world of Goblin.