Goings On – week of Oct 24 2013

Located 67 kilometres outside of Vancouver the city of Abbotsford is a strange place — boring reeking of manure and split between scary gangbangers and evangelicals. It’s also the city I grew up in and let me tell you that weird isolated city has inspired some great bands.

The latest in a long line of Abbotsford punk (which includes Fun 100 who were in my biased opinion the best Canadian band ever) comes Open Letters a wild jubilant unpretentious and talented pop-punk act that could fit in any era of the genre. They’re probably getting a ton of web hits for their unintentionally Miley-baiting moniker alone but there’s so much more to Open Letters — their debut six-song EP is a modern cult classic packing socially conscious lyrics into frenetic explosive punk tracks. Of course it’s the sort of music that needs to be enjoyed live to be properly understood which is why I urge you to check them out when they play Tubby Dog on Thursday October 24 with Wes and the J’s and Sea of Dead Serpents .

A dear friend of mine refuses to celebrate her friends’ birthdays on any day other than the actual date of birth. It’s a bit of a bummer particularly when you try to set up a week full of attention for being born but I think she’s right. I also think the same should apply for Halloween. I mean shit it falls on a Thursday this year — you can definitely go into work with a boozy candy hangover on November 1 or don’t go in at all.

Regardless there are still plenty of Halloween parties leading up to that evil Thursday night. First off is the Halloween in Hell party which takes place on Friday October 25 at Vern’s. Saskatoon’s most gothy death punk act The New Jacobin Club will be in town appearing alongside The Rigormorticians Spastic Panthers and The Escorts . Need a costume idea? Try dressing up as iconic Vern’s bartender Clint.

If you still feel like celebrating Halloween on Monday October 28 you can hit up Commonwealth for a Halloween edition of their monthly Hip-Hop Karaoke party. Aside from a mic-wielding Freddy Krueger on the poster I’m not sure what if anything makes it Halloween themed but hopefully everyone will just be covering Fresh Prince’s “A Nightmare on My Street.”

By Wednesday October 30 the need for early Halloween parties seems to have dissipated. Instead there are just some good ol’-fashioned musical performances. Over at the Hifi Club you can check out the return of U.K. breakbeat DJs Stanton Warriors who’ll undoubtedly have the dancefloor bouncing with their genre-hopping set.

Finally though it’s not billed as an actual Halloween party you could get ready for spooky Thursday with a creepy sludge metal bill at Local 510 on October 30. Presented by Sled Island and punnily dubbed Sludge Island the show boasts appearances from Brooklyn doom trio Mortals as well as locals The Weir and Doberman .