Provincial parks get funds to clean up

The Alberta government is contributing $81 million to the restoration of flood-damaged provincial park infrastructure. The four-year funding program will cover the costs of rebuilding some 170 kilometres of park trails 60 day-use areas and 50 campgrounds. Sixty-million dollars will go to repairing sites in Kananaskis Country and another $16 million to Fish Creek Provincial Park. The remaining funds will pay to repair day-use areas and campgrounds in Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park and Oldman Dam Provincial Recreation Area.

The funding announcement was made October 23 at Fish Creek Provincial Park pleasing wildlife groups that consider the parks vital to Albertans.

“Kananaskis Country… is the tonic to recover from their daily lives and the elixir that re-energizes their souls. The floods hurt K-Country like it hurt all Albertans deep to the core and restoring that loss helps us all recover” said Derek Ryder co-chair of Friends of Kananaskis Country shortly after the announcement.

“These government funds will go a long way to restoring flood damage to Kananaskis Country which is one of Alberta’s and North America’s crown jewels” added Dan DeSantis of the Kananaskis Improvement District.

Work will begin this winter to repair critical services with major restorations expected beginning in 2014. Government statistics state Kananaskis Country Fish Creek Oldman Dam and Wyndham-Carseland parks receive nearly five million visits every year.