Wildrose bests PCs in fundraising most from small donations

Alberta’s next provincial election is still another two and a half years away but some political parties have already built significant war chests. The Wildrose Party leads donations having amassed nearly $2 million in 2013 according to numbers released by Elections Alberta.

The Progressive Conservative Party which usually leads in funds raised has $1.4 million to date. The two parties also differ in the origins of contributions. The PCs report the vast majority of its donations are relatively large — 93 per cent or $1.3 million of donations made to the party came in gifts of over $250 while only $99840 came in smaller donations under $250.

The Wildrose party is markedly different from the PCs at least in sourcing funds. Between January and September of 2013 63 per cent of Wildrose donations were under $250 apiece.

Donations made to the province’s other political parties trail the two right-of-centre bodies. Third-quarter statements made to Elections Alberta report the NDP has raised $386006 while Liberal Alberta has raised $240325.