Tim Hecker – Virgins

Paper Bag/Kranky

Despite his humble persona Tim Hecker has become a genuine hero in the Canadian electronic music world and for good reason. Not only is the Montreal-based soundscaper one of the country’s most forward-thinking producers he’s also one of the most consistent — something that again proves true with his latest solo effort Virgins .

Following 2011’s much-loved Ravedeath 1972 Hecker keeps his newfound love for the organic intact once again integrating more traditional instrumentation into his heavily processed electronics. This time though instead of ghostly church organs there’s heavier emphasis on demonic brass treated piano and samples of god-knows-what scraping scratching and getting eerie as hell in the studio.

At all times though it still sounds very much like the work of Tim Hecker as celestial ambience collides headfirst into the sort of crushing atmospherics he’s become known for — even if they are perhaps the most aggressive he’s cooked up since his 2008 Aidan Baker collaboration Fantasma Parastasie .

At its core Virgins is an album all about gradual progression not surprises with the record sounding more familiar than shocking. Hecker is just now shifting his gaze from the intellectual to the primal but hearing him do so couldn’t be any more fascinating.