Arcade Fire – Reflektor


Arcade Fire are kinda like Miley Cyrus. Among the thousands of similarities they share both artists chose to explore new musical horizons this year and the result has garnered critical division and left some fans scratching their heads. Reflektor follows the Grammy/Juno/BRIT-winning The Suburbs which informed soccer moms and Jeopardy viewers of their existence and inspired a “Who the fuck is Arcade Fire?” meme.

I hate to say it but if you hopped on board because The Suburbs gave you “cathartic” and “life-affirming” warm fuzzies the band’s fourth full-length might leave you puzzled and scrolling to Mumford & Sons’ Babel in iTunes. Simply put on Reflektor they’ve gone and fucked shit up.

Bringing in LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and regular collaborator Markus Dravs to co-produce Arcade Fire let loose and made a record that juggles disco dub punk grunge arena rock synth pop and Haitian rara a percussion-heavy music tied to voodoo processions. To say the least Reflektor is ambitious spectacular and dare I say a lot of fun at times.

While some might hunger for something more funereal or suburban (get it?) Reflektor is just the type of sweeping grand-scale album a confident and capable group like Arcade Fire should be making. Consider it indie rock’s own Bangerz .