Bottomless Pit – Shade Perennial

Comedy Minus One

Bottomless Pit were once a consolation prize to make up for the loss of the late great Silkworm but the indie-rock lifers have emerged as a band worthy of your time effort and yes money — knowledge of past accomplishments not required. Following a pair of solid albums — 2007’s Hammer of the Gods and 2010’s Blood Under the Bridge Shade Perennial once again makes that clear.

While still exhibiting the melodic classic-rock tendencies of Silkworm expats Tim Midyett and Andy Cohen lead their four-piece into noticeably more dramatic territory on their latest repeatedly hitting melodic sweet spots as they weave rhythm-heavy arrangements with a fuller more crushing approach. They lay the drama on thick via majestic guitar theatrics and rage-laced melancholy-heavy vocals but it’s all balanced out with the sort of honest working man’s rock esthetic that Midyett and Cohen have a made a career of always giving you the feeling that they’re cutting out the bullshit to give it to you straight.

Bottomless Pit are hardly breaking their mould on Shade Perennial but rather shaping it into a better more impassioned form.