Goings On – week of Nov 7 2013

Bug Incision’s ongoing bookings continue to be a valuable presence in Calgary’s growing avant-garde community. This week they offer up another deep lineup of performers who you’ve probably heard before in one incarnation or another. Seven-piece ensemble Eucalyptus is masterminded by long-running saxophonist Brodie West who’s collaborated with everyone from Broken Social Scene to The Ex. The group’s lineup also features Ryan Driver who will deliver his solo piano-pop songs in his own set. New Friends one of many bands featuring local guitar guru Evan Van Reekum will open the show which takes place on Thursday November 7 at the National Music Centre.

Maybe you’d rather spend your Thursday answering the question “What does noisy metalcore sound like if it’s made by accountants who run their band like a business?” That question will be answered in the form of Winnipeg act KEN Mode who’ll bring their biz to The Palomino.

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to show off your brand new bullet belt and crust punk bumflap however you’ll probably want to wait until Friday November 8 to go out. Tubby Dog will host a wild diverse batch of local punk bands. Calgarian institution Spastic Panthers will headline alongside Vain Collapse X-Ray Cat and Intercoarse . As the event’s Facebook listing aptly puts it “Two bands named after cats and two bands that can’t spell! What could be more fun? Nothing.”

Toronto-born singer-songwriter Lindi Ortega is now based in Tennessee and makes rustic rusty country music in the tradition of legends like Johnny Cash and Emmylou Harris. She’ll bring songs from her new LP Tin Star to Commonwealth on Saturday November 9.

Or you know you could just check out the actual Emmylou Harris who’ll bring her decades of singing and songwriting to the Jack Singer Concert Hall on Tuesday November 12. She’ll be joined by Texan performer Rodney Crowell and U.K. folk rocker Richard Thompson .

If you feel the patriotic mandate to make sure you check out some Canadian hip-hop however you’ll want to spend your Tuesday night at Broken City where Canadian hip-hop mainstay Josh Martinez (who don’t tell anyone now lives in Portland) will return to Calgary in support of his recent album Blotto .

Finally the week will close out with one of the city’s longest running bands as pop-punk gods/dads Chixdiggit will play a rare hometown show at Commonwealth on Wednesday November 13. Listen to them play “I Wanna Hump You” on hump day and show up early so you can check out the power-pop of The Mandates and the poppy garage of The Nancees .