Last season for playRites festival

Rebecca Northan’s Legend Has It will première at the last playRites festival.

The 2014 playRites festival will be the last for Alberta Theatre Projects .

The theatre company announced today that it is adopting a new programming format for the 2014-15 season and will no longer hold the annual event which features the premières of four new Canadian plays sharing the stage in rotation over a one-month period.

Instead ATP will reduce the number of plays in its season to six from eight running one after the other and at least two of those will be premières by Canadian playwrights.

According to ATP when the festival was started almost 30 years ago few Canadian theatres created and produced new Canadian plays but they are now a regular feature at theatres across the country.

"After developing and premièring 115 new Canadian plays that have gone on to over 250 subsequent productions around the world the festival has done its work" states a media release announcing the change.

"We remain passionately committed to new Canadian work…. We undertake to produce two or three world premières of new Canadian plays every season. This change will allow us to focus our attention and tailor our efforts even more specifically to the needs of each play."

The final playRites festival runs from March 18 to April 6 and includes: You Will Remember Me by François Archambault; Legend Has It by Rebecca Northan; Games by Linda Grifiiths and Same Same But Different by Anita Majumdar.